Foodie: A Short, Dark Comedy Horror Film

Foodie is a short, dark comedy horror film about a food service industry professional who receives an invitation to an exclusive, underground dinner party and finds out there's much more on the menu than he bargained for.

Foodie was filmed in the fall of 2011 in the Triangle region of North Carolina.

This was the movie's official website. Content is from the site's 2012 archived pages.

Foodie is the winner of more than 9 film festival prizes, including Best Produced Screenplay Short at Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest, Best Original Fiction at ConCarolinas Short Film Festival, Best Horror Short at Tucson Terrorfest, Best Horror/Sci-fi at the Mt. Hood Independent Film Festival, Audience Choice Best Long Form Short at the Nevermore Film Festival, Best Picture at the Killuride Film Festival and Best Short Film at MonsterCon.


Mark Bell - Film Threat
…Foodie is a nightmare scenario for those of us who spend way too much time watching the Food Network. A horror comedy that doesn’t skimp on the gore or the laughs, this is a gruesome delight…”
Dana Goodyear - Culture Desk - The New Yorker
“Cannibalism - whether unintentional, deliberate (as with the Donner Party, the Uruguayan rugby team, and scores of sailors in extremis) or plain murderous (the recent incident in Florida) - represents the most troubling extreme of our omnivorous condition. Just because we can, will we… 
Bourdain - or maybe Tim Curry - is the spirit guide of the short satire, Foodie, which I watched the other day… ”
Victoria Bouloubasis - The Independent Weekly
“Foodie, a new short film written by Durham resident Eryk Pruitt, bypasses the idea of cannibalism as an uneasy survival tactic. Instead, the 29-minute dark comedy-horror flick explores an obsessive, underground sect of foodies who dine on humans in the most gourmet and trendy of manners…”
Cliff Bellamy - The Herald Sun
“In Foodie, a short film written by Eryk Pruitt and directed by Christopher G. Moore, Mueller (played by Nick Karner) is invited to an elite food gathering at Kitchen X. To give away much more of the plot would spoil the effect of this hilarious, black-humored horror-satire. The bloggers, chefs and hangers-on at Kitchen X argue the definition of “bacon” vs. “pork bellies,” and use terms like “compelling flavors” and “botanicals” with abandon. Their food obsession is the key to the humor in Foodie…”
The Bleeding Dead
“…Foodie is a quirky, albeit uneasy film about a food lover's nightmare…”
Amanda Maclaren - Durham Magazine
“…The movie was filled with plenty of cringe-worthy scenes in which the tagline of the film, “You Are What You Eat,” became all too literal. Yet I wasn't focused so much on the gore as I was on the individual characters, each of them an extreme foodie in one way or another, and the humor that tied it all together, which was writer and producer Eryk Pruitt's main inspiration for the film…”
They're blogging about Foodie in New York city.  Read what Mikaela Flynne of Undergound Eats has to say.
Byron Woods - Contributing Editor, Live Arts - The Independent Weekly
“It was a great night for regional theater at the local debut of Foodie. Proud of all the (un)usual suspects: Jeff Alguire, David Berberian, Tracey Coppedge, Jenn Evans, Anthony Hughes, John Jimerson, Nick Karner and droll, dry Meredith Sause. Greetings to Gilly Conklin, Alena Koch and Emlee Vassilos. Plus cameo by spider. Lest we forget. Talent? Yeah, we've got that…
Looking forward to Tracey and John's upcoming remake of Adam Ant's “Beat My Guest.” The new “fun couple” of 2012?”
Foodie's first review by
“…Foodie is cohesively one of the best short films I’ve seen in a while. In just under a half hour this flick was able to pull off what some films can’t pull off in an hour and a half. Great production, great directing, great writing, great acting, great effects…and a couple interesting plot twists I did NOT see coming. Oh, and it did have a couple of funny moments. I mean what more could you ask for? If you have the chance to see Foodie, take it! I promise you… You will eat it all up!…”

“Beware of bad men who live to eat and drink, whereas good men eat and drink to live.”
-  Socrates




A documentary on the fine dining subculture of foodies. The interest in haute cuisine has grown exponentially. Now, we enter the world of one of the most influential people on the food scene - the foodie. A subculture of blogging food critics with a mission to eat at the best restaurants on earth. Through our close study, we get access to the world's most exclusive restaurants and get to know a group of slightly bizarre but charming food maniacs.

 Super Reviewer
**** ½ Ian W
November 22, 2015
Exceedingly interesting documentary on food critics and what they do. Travelling around the world to review food sure sounds like quite the easy life, that's for sure. But there is more to it than that. This documentary contains a high amount of food porn and definitely worth watching if you are looking for a new culinary experience.

** WS W
November 13, 2015
Quite novelty in concept but rather disappointing in execution.
"Foodies" (aka food critic)? For real??
Just stupid & phony.
So is this documentary, unfortunately.

* Ming Siu G
July 21, 2015
Despite the fact that there simply isn't enough actual compelling content to fill out the runtime, it isn't badly-made. The problem is that most of the subjects appear to be privileged, self-absorbed brats, with the insufferable habit of whipping out cameras to shoot their food. With no qualifications to speak of, what gives them the right to criticise? Besides, when hunger is so prevalent all over the world, a film that focuses on people who fly around to eat feels almost criminal. So, yes, I guess my problem is more with what the film stands for, as opposed to what it actually is.


IMBd Review

5/10 ***** 14 September 2015
A film best avoided if you're irritated by pretentious people, or not that keen on food.

I quite enjoyed it. It was often amusing - I'm not sure that always was the intent.

It was a pity that the 'foodies' weren't that articulate - but, had they been, they'd probably have not ended up that way.

What was saddest, to me, was how they all seemed, mainly, to eat at these expensive restaurants on their own. One essential component to a good meal is the company, and the discussion - without that, it can be the best place on the planet, but only second rate. 

I was amused by one of the chaps who wants, rather as Curnonski did, all those years ago, to establish an eater's hierarchy of taste, not a chef's - but, despite this, he, and the others, accepted the Michelin star rating without question. It'd have been much more interesting if they'd thought that one had been graded to high, or too low.


Sometimes I find that the reviews from critics versus the general audience are pretty close, and then there are those films in which the two different camps diverge wildly. Foodie seems to be one of those films. Well, apparently, according to the film, there are foodies those who are obsessed and wealthy enough to eat exclusively at the haute cuisine level restaurant. But there are also folks like myself who also appreciates good food and considers them self a "foodie". But I'm always looking for good food. It doesn't have to be in the rarified atmosphere of haute cuisine. For instance, I sat down last night with a takeout of burritos from a new food truck that recently has appeared in my San Francisco neighborhood. My three dogs were hanging out on their new beds that had arrived that day from a great store that sold dog beds online I had discovered, Good Night Dog. Love the name. The pooches are chillin' as I open up the containers that come with my order. All of a sudden three heads pop up and my little island of aromatic smells becomes crowded with three additional dogs. Little did I know I have three foodie fuzzies living with me. So I guess what I am saying, the "foodie" tag is in the eye of the beholder. People can be snobs about where they eat, perhaps for bragging rights. People can just celebrate exciting new tastes and flavors where ever they luck out finding a special eatery. I fall into the later, although I know some people who are the former. So take Foodie with a grain of salt and enjoy.




Eryk Pruitt - Writer, Executive Producer
Christopher G. Moore - Director
Ismail Abdelkhalek - Director of Photography


CutshawKane - Composers
And Featuring Music by the Mission Creeps


Nick Karner as Mueller Jeff Alguire as French Milt Tracey Coppedge as Beth
Tony Hughes as Brandon X David Berberian as John Lando Meredith Sause as Teddy
John Jimerson as Greg Gilly Conklin as Shannon Von Vester Jenn Evans as French Milt Groupie # 1
Alena Koch as Hannah Emlee Vassilos as Darla Stephanie Reinhart as French Milt Groupie # 2
Rachel Klem - Casting Chris Medico - Lighting and Food Styling Stephanie Reinhart - Production Assistant
Angela Pritchett - Special Effects Tom Hauser- Production Sound Recorder Zach Honey - Sound and Production Assistant
Jim McQuaid Lana Pierce - Catering and Craft Services Bobbi Whittemore - Still Set Photography
Kevin Darbro Kymberly Daniels - Production Assistant  



Release Dates

Sweden           23 May 2014  
Denmark         6 November 2014       (CPH:DOX)
Sweden           24 January 2015          (Göteborg Film Festival)
Lithuania         19 March 2015            (International Film Festival Vilnius)
Finland            11 April 2015  (TV premiere)
Australia         10 June 2015   (Sydney Film Festival)
Hungary           18 June 2015  
Singapore        16 July 2015   
Australia         1 August 2015 (Melbourne International Film Festival)
Iceland 24 September 2015    (Reykjavik International Film Festival)
Australia         20 October 2015         (Adelaide Film Festival)
Japan   25 October 2015         (Tokyo International Film Festival)
Chile    26 October 2015         (TV premiere)
Japan   30 January 2016         
Japan   10 September 2016    (Aichi International Women's Film Festival)